Drone Flight Management Software

Project Management, Resource Management and Allocation Management Software for Drone Projects.
Plan, Schedule, Allocate, Streamline and Manage Drone Projects and Resources and store Drone Projects Data in one place.

The following definition clearly states the process and objectives of resource management:

Maximizing the utilization and optimal use of the available finite resources is the main objective of project resource planning. Resource Management and Resource Planning are the processes of forecasting, planning, organizing, scheduling, monitoring, and managing different resources – like people, capital, technology, machines & equipment, and facilities – in the most efficient way, so that all the projects in the organization get to complete on time, within assigned budgets, and with maximum efficiency.

Allocate Resources

All organizations have at least four types of resources (or assets) that can be used to achieve desired objectives: (1) financial resources, (2) physical resources, (3) human resources, and (4) technological resources. Resource allocation can be defined as distributing an organization’s “assets” across projects. Allocating resources is a vital strategy-implementation activity. Strategic management itself is sometimes referred to as a “resource allocation process.” You can’t implement the above by using spreadsheets to plug the information gaps. It is too unwieldy and error-prone.

You need enterprise-class software that provides real-time information required to implement the above.

It simplifies resource allocation in project management. Such software presents a ‘Single Version Of The Truth’ to your managers and makes collaboration possible. 

  • Resource Allocation - Schedule Drones, Pilots and Accessories to Drone Projects. A more efficient approach to resource management & scheduling.
  • Resource Management - Manage inventory of Drones with Type, Pilots with their Skill set and Drone Equipment/Accessories.
  • Accessories Allocation - Managing and booking accessories can be a nightmare. Our simple yet powerful scheduling tool makes it a dream. Track all your accessories in one beautiful schedule.
  • Leave Schedule Management - Confidently plan your pilot’s absence in the context of workloads to keep things running smoothly. Never schedule pilots when they’re unavailable.
  • Service Schedule Management - Plan and schedule your drone’s service and maintenance to keep things running smoothly. Schedule drones for service only when they’re available.
  • Integrate the organization’s calendar - project scheduling, drone allocation, pilot allocation, accessories allocation, leave scheduling, service allocation etc. This is the only way to make valid information about resources available in real time. If this is not done your managers will be grappling with multiple versions of the information. (versions of spreadsheets).

Faster Revenue Realization

Through Drone Flight, Pilot and Accessories Scheduling, streamline flight schedule operations, you will increase drone, pilot and accessory utilization, resulting in completion of more missions in lesser time and thus faster revenue realization.

Increase Scalability

Through our software you can calendar schedule large number of drone flights, pilots and  accessories easily, making it suitable for large organizations or companies with many different functional types of drones, pilots and accessories.

Improve Efficiency

Automate everyday tasks and reduce the risk of human error and increase efficiency by using our calendar scheduling software. Schedule, reschedule flights with just a few clicks. Our software ensures that there is never a conflict in drones, pilots or accessories allocation for schedules.

Reduce Costs

By streamlining flight schedule operations, assigning drones and pilots closest to the mission location, strategic geographic pilot home location, our software helps reduce costs associated with drone flight operations.

Better Communication & Coordination

Our software has clear communication channels among all team members - project managers, drone pilots, and maintenance personnel, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Data Management

The software allows you to store and organize operational data and files, such as mission plan, flight logs, mission location, weather etc. at one place making it easier to manage and share for better data management.

Dashboard and Reports

Our software has comprehensive dashboard for you to view Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The software analyzes data from operational data providing valuable insights that can be used to improve operations and make data-driven decisions.

Pilot Access

Pilots have their own login access to the software. Pilots get notification on their mobile when a mission is assigned to them. Pilots can view their mission calendar schedules, mission locations and mission related files/operational data.

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